• Gut health and performance
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    Your Gut & You – How the gut micrbiome controls your body and mind

    Have you ever stopped and thought about your gut microbiome? If not, then you’re just like the vast majority of people. Typically, people don’t give a second of thought to their gut health until they experience serious digestive problems. But your gut isn’t something that you should only think about when it starts letting you down. Your gut actually influences your body in lots of different ways. This influence isn’t trivial either; your digestive system has a massive effect on your mental and physical performance, as well as your overall health and well-being. Not convinced? Let’s take a look at some of the ways that your gut affects your body…

  • Calorie restriction improves longevity
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    Caloric Restriction For Longevity

    The mantra today if somebody wants to get healthier is “you need to eat more protein”.  If somebody feels fat, sick and tired, their first response is to start introducing new foods into their diet, but not necessarily at the expense of food they consume now; they just add more kale, turmeric, flax seeds, and so on on top of their existing caloric intake.  Even when most people say they are going to cut body fat, whether it’s for an upcoming fight, a race, or just for summer, they usually obsess over the balance of carbs and protein in their diet.  As far as we can tell, the last thing…

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    Does Alcohol Raise Estrogen?

    Alcohol isn’t good for you.  We don’t really need to tell you that! But few men really care a great deal about the harmful effects of alcohol. It’s such a big part of western culture that we tend to just ignore the damage done by alcohol. Chances are, you enjoy drinking alcohol, and you do it regularly. You probably have a beer now and then, the odd glass of wine with dinner, and every once in a while you might go out and get drunk. None of this really bothers you because you don’t care what alcohol does to your kidneys. Like most men, you just leave that for future…

  • Vitamin C and health

    Importance Of Vitamin C

    Vitamins and minerals are much more important for health and performance than macronutrients like carbs and protein. Yet they are usually completely overlooked by fitness enthusiasts. Everybody talks about carbs, and we’ve all been asked how much protein we eat. But rarely does anyone ask “where do you get your zinc?” or “how much vitamin C do you get per day?” This is a huge error in our opinion. If you want to maximize your health, extend your lifespan, and stay as fit and functional as possible into well into old age, then overlooking vitamins and minerals is a big mistake. And of all the vitamins, none are quite as…

  • Vitamin D sunshine

    Vitamin D & Testosterone – Why You Should Get Plenty Of Sun

    We don’t need to tell you how important testosterone is for men.  It is the key to a man’s strength, vitality, and energy.  Excessive amounts of testosterone are lethal of course; having too much testosterone is why so many men die so much earlier than women.  But having healthy testosterone levels is a prerequisite for a man to be fit, muscular, energetic, and confident (to say nothing of having a healthy sex life).  Or to put it another way, a serious testosterone deficiency is known to cause everything from low mood and poor immune system function to low libido and even male impotence.  It’s no wonder then that men today…