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    Can you do farmers walks every day?

    I’ll cut right to the chase and tell you the answer is yes – you can AND SHOULD do farmers walks every day. The farmers walk is one of the best exercises you can do on a daily basis. People who do farmers walks regularly always seem to have huge traps, forearms, and calves – coincidence? Not likely! In fact, when I’ve ever been trying to help someone pack on overall mass and strength, farmers walks is something I include in their routine every single time with great results. But what makes farmers walks so good? What muscles get worked? Does doing farmers walks every day mean you’re “over-training” those…

  • Gut health and performance
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    Your Gut & You – How the gut micrbiome controls your body and mind

    Have you ever stopped and thought about your gut microbiome? If not, then you’re just like the vast majority of people. Typically, people don’t give a second of thought to their gut health until they experience serious digestive problems. But your gut isn’t something that you should only think about when it starts letting you down. Your gut actually influences your body in lots of different ways. This influence isn’t trivial either; your digestive system has a massive effect on your mental and physical performance, as well as your overall health and well-being. Not convinced? Let’s take a look at some of the ways that your gut affects your body…

  • Is pea protein any good?
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    How Good Is Pea Protein? – An Honest Analysis

    Whey protein has been around for some time. Decades in fact. As has casein (typically peddled as a “slow release” protein alternative to “fast-acting” whey).  Over the last couple of years, people have begun to realize that whey isn’t the uniquely beneficial protein source that supplement manufacturers have made it out to be. A by-product of cheese manufacturing, whey is indeed a very protein dense ‘food’ – if we can call it a food – but the concentration of protein in a substance is not the only thing to consider.  Amino acid profile, digestibility, overall composition, its effects on digestion and health, not to mention its effect on the environment…

  • Interval training burns fat effectively

    Interval Training For Fat Loss

    Interval training is all the rage right now. It hasn’t quite achieved crossfit levels of fanboy-dom, but it’s close.  It’s definitely trendy to scoff at steady state cardio these days. It’s usually personal trainers or gym newbies who take the strongest opinion about cardio; they laugh at the people running steadily on the treadmill for 30 minutes, call them stupid, and say they’re wasting their time.  For them, it’s all about interval training. To listen to some personal trainers these days, you’d think that step-mills made you fat; it’s interval training that really burns the pounds off.  While the ridicule and dismissal of steady state cardio is – obviously – stupid…

  • Warrior workout routines

    Workout: Warrior Workout Routine – Training For Fighting

      A lot of you will be looking to get a real hunter-gatherer physique. You’ll also probably want to have the strength, athleticism and power that comes with it. In our opinion, there’s no better way to train for all round speed, power, and strength than training like a warrior! Whether you’re just looking to add on a few pounds of lean muscle, get shredded for summer, or turn yourself into a human weapon, training like a fighter is an effective, fun, sustainable way to achieve your goals. MMA fighters, boxers, and muay thai fighters don’t run the boring, fat accumulating bro-splits that most amateur bodybuilders do today. Instead they…

  • Persistence cardio muscle mass relationship

    Does Long-Distance Running Burn Muscle Mass?

    It’s a safe bet that the guys you know who are into bodybuilding are all terrified of running. We don’t mean jogging, or hill sprints; we men long-distance, endurance running. The guys who are serious about getting swole are usually completely averse to any kind of persistence training. They believe that any form of cardio that lasts longer than 15 minutes will serious eat into their gains. They hear “10km run”, and they picture a Kenyan marathon athlete; super shredded, but extremely thin with very little visible muscle mass. That’s the opposite of what they want, so they better skip the distance running, right? Wrong! The idea that long-distance running…