About us - our principles

About Us

Our Mission

We think the fitness industry today is crooked. 

It is driven by the interests of supplement manufacturers, sports brands, and media moguls. These people don’t care about your progress as an athlete, your physique, or your long-term health. To them, you re just a commodity. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We think things can be very different. 

Our mission with this site is to provide you with free, impartial, and above all else, useful advice that will genuinely help you achieve your goals. 

We want to create a site full of honest information about diet, health, exercise, and supplements. Our mission is to keep this site beyond the reach of the big supplement manufacturers and to never fall prey to misinformation. 

Basically, we want to build a site that helps you become a better, healthier, more powerful you. 


Our Principles

Our principles are very simple, which is what makes them so incredibly powerful. 

We believe in keeping health and fitness natural. 

Following the basic requirements of the body is all you really need to do to stay fit and healthy for life. Getting bigger, stronger, and more functionally capable is just as simple; you follow the steps that science tells us are necessary to get bigger and stronger. These steps just happen to match the steps taken by our ancestors for millennia. 

We believe that it is stupid to sacrifice health for short-term strength or performance gains. The bodybuilding programs and eating practices of today are definitely making some people a lot bigger, but at the cost of long-term health, fitness and functionality. 

In our opinion, real strength means being a well-rounded, healthy, capable athlete; your bench press is part of it, but a small part. 

Above all, we feel strongly about diet. We firmly believe that beliefs about diet today are the least healthy they have ever been. The obvious problem is the common man’s diet; high in cholesterol, high in sugar, high in processed meats. But the fad diets that have been concocted to solve the “western diet” are just as problematic; they’re either a fast-track to heart disease (Atkin’s, Carnivore), or they’re based on extremely shaky science and arbitrary limitations (Paleo, Keto). We’re going to try and rectify that!

Finally, we think that supplements can be helpful, but they are by no means necessary. Humans are opportunistic omnivores; our diets can absolutely provide everything we need. Food is always preferable to supplements. However, supplements are better than going without!