• Warrior workout routines

    Workout: Warrior Workout Routine – Training For Fighting

      A lot of you will be looking to get a real hunter-gatherer physique. You’ll also probably want to have the strength, athleticism and power that comes with it. In our opinion, there’s no better way to train for all round speed, power, and strength than training like a warrior! Whether you’re just looking to add on a few pounds of lean muscle, get shredded for summer, or turn yourself into a human weapon, training like a fighter is an effective, fun, sustainable way to achieve your goals. MMA fighters, boxers, and muay thai fighters don’t run the boring, fat accumulating bro-splits that most amateur bodybuilders do today. Instead they…

  • Persistence cardio muscle mass relationship

    Does Long-Distance Running Burn Muscle Mass?

    It’s a safe bet that the guys you know who are into bodybuilding are all terrified of running. We don’t mean jogging, or hill sprints; we men long-distance, endurance running. The guys who are serious about getting swole are usually completely averse to any kind of persistence training. They believe that any form of cardio that lasts longer than 15 minutes will serious eat into their gains. They hear “10km run”, and they picture a Kenyan marathon athlete; super shredded, but extremely thin with very little visible muscle mass. That’s the opposite of what they want, so they better skip the distance running, right? Wrong! The idea that long-distance running…

  • Fasting for fat loss guide

    Fasting For Fat Loss: Fact or Fad?

    The hunter-gatherer lifestyle is definitely “in” right now. There are several extremely popular diets out there at the moment that are all claiming to draw on our ancestral eating habits. The obvious example is the paleo diet. Adherents claim to be eating as their paleolithic ancestors once did (and supposedly as our biology demands). They say that our bodies haven’t changed much in the last 40,000 years, so our diets should not be so radically different. Another example is the carnivore diet. As the name suggests, this diet has people eating nothing but meat – usually red meat in particular. The idea is that our bodies evolved to prefer meat…

  • Minimalist bulking routine

    Workout: Minimalist Bulking Routine

      The consensus among people today is that in order to get big and strong, you need to be hitting the gym 4-5 times per week. The vast majority of people look to the top bodybuilders of today, and assume that the way they train today is how they go to where they are. As a result, the most popular training setup among new gym-goers is a bro-split, such as that followed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in his Mr. Olympia prime. The assumption is that if they follow his same training methodology, they’ll eventually start to look like the Austrian Oak too. But sadly, that’s just not true. Most new lifters…

  • Almonds high protein content

    Best Nuts To Eat For Health & Fitness

      It’s generally a good idea to start eating more nuts. Nuts and seeds make up a massive proportion of many hunter-gatherer diets. The classic image of the noble savage living on red meat and eggs might be true in some remote parts of the world, but for most nomadic, non-agricultural peoples, nuts are a dietary staple. This isn’t just out of necessity; nuts are extremely nutritious. They’re typically about 20-30% protein and 50% fat, the vast majority of which is usually monounsaturated. They are packed full of minerals too; in terms of nutrient density per calorie, few foods come close to the potency of nuts! It’s no wonder so…

  • Deadlift training importance

    The Deadlift – Is It All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

    The deadlift is often touted as the ultimate exercise for brute strength. It is often the foundation of cookie-cutter training programs. It’s the main event in every strongman contest. At the end of the day, it’s the perfect measure of strength. But is it really everything it’s cracked up to be? Should everyone be incorporating the deadlift into their training? How important is it to be able to deadlift a lot of weight? Are there other exercises that you could be doing instead to get the same results? Let’s look at the scientific literature to find out!   What Muscles Does The Deadlift Recruit? The deadlift is often said to…

  • Paleo fact or fad

    Paleo Diet: Fact or Fad?

      We can’t think of the last time a diet has blown up quite like the Paleo Diet did over the last couple of years. The only thing that comes close is the Atkins diet, and that fad is definitely on the decline. Paleo is absolutely everywhere at the moment. There are hundreds if not thousands of websites out there all dedicated to the Paelo lifestyle; and it is unquestionably a lifestyle, not just a diet. Its practitioners are usually serious believers – vocal, dedicated, and extremely clued up on the evidence supposedly backing their chosen diet. It’s rare for someone to be a casual follower of Paleo. And as…