• Do testosterone boosters work?

    Do Testosterone Boosters Really Work?

    Natural testosterone boosters are a hot topic right now in the world of bodybuilding.  They are currently one of the fastest selling supplement categories; manufacturers are struggling to keep up with demand as their natural test boosters fly off the shelves.  However, they are also widely-admonished. Lots of people hate testosterone boosters. They are extremely vocal in their disliking too; it isn’t hard to find articles, YouTube videos, and interview segments where people have called them an outright scam.  This hasn’t been helped by the advent of prohormones. This class of substances has attracted an enormous amount of attention over the past couple of years, most of it negative. Rightly so; prohormones…

  • Supplements

    Rice Protein Powder – Worth A Try?

    Protein, protein, protein.  People never get tired of talking about protein.  If someone has recently just started working out, we guarantee they’re talking non-stop about protein; where they get theirs, where you get yours, how much they’re eating, how it’s the most important ting for health, etc.  The truth is that protein is really not that important, even for building muscle.  The amount of protein used to create a muscle cell is not that much. Only 20% of muscle tissue is composed of muscle proteins by weight; the rest is water, polyphenols, and so on. The entire human musculoskeletal system only contains about 3-10kg of muscle, depending on your height,…

  • Health

    Does Alcohol Raise Estrogen?

    Alcohol isn’t good for you.  We don’t really need to tell you that! But few men really care a great deal about the harmful effects of alcohol. It’s such a big part of western culture that we tend to just ignore the damage done by alcohol. Chances are, you enjoy drinking alcohol, and you do it regularly. You probably have a beer now and then, the odd glass of wine with dinner, and every once in a while you might go out and get drunk. None of this really bothers you because you don’t care what alcohol does to your kidneys. Like most men, you just leave that for future…

  • Vitamin C and health

    Importance Of Vitamin C

    Vitamins and minerals are much more important for health and performance than macronutrients like carbs and protein. Yet they are usually completely overlooked by fitness enthusiasts. Everybody talks about carbs, and we’ve all been asked how much protein we eat. But rarely does anyone ask “where do you get your zinc?” or “how much vitamin C do you get per day?” This is a huge error in our opinion. If you want to maximize your health, extend your lifespan, and stay as fit and functional as possible into well into old age, then overlooking vitamins and minerals is a big mistake. And of all the vitamins, none are quite as…

  • Eat more berries for health

    Why You Should Be Eating More Berries

    We’d be willing to bet just about anything that you could do with eating more berries.  We don’t care how healthy you think your diet is right now, or how much fruit you eat. We’ve never met anybody who we think wouldn’t benefit from getting more berries down their throats each day.  Berries are perhaps the most nutritious, healthful kind of fruit that you can eat. A high consumption of berries is closely correlated with a wide range of health benefits, from lower incidence of certain diseases to better metabolic efficiency.  When combined with other dietary interventions – such as fasting – a high-berry diet can work wonders for your…

  • Vitamin D sunshine

    Vitamin D & Testosterone – Why You Should Get Plenty Of Sun

    We don’t need to tell you how important testosterone is for men.  It is the key to a man’s strength, vitality, and energy.  Excessive amounts of testosterone are lethal of course; having too much testosterone is why so many men die so much earlier than women.  But having healthy testosterone levels is a prerequisite for a man to be fit, muscular, energetic, and confident (to say nothing of having a healthy sex life).  Or to put it another way, a serious testosterone deficiency is known to cause everything from low mood and poor immune system function to low libido and even male impotence.  It’s no wonder then that men today…

  • You should be doing farmers walks

    Why You Should Do Farmers Walks

      Farmers walks are one of the most effective and under-utilized exercises in the world. None of the major fitness magazines, blogs or YouTubers really talk about farmers walks. The reason is that most of them have no interest in helping you achieve the physique you actually want; they just care about pulling you in with gimmicks and then selling you their “secret workout plan” for $79.99 a pop. We can’t think of any other reason why so may people would completely overlook the farmers walk when programming strength training, either for themselves or for their clients. It is an incredible exercise and it should be practiced by people as…

  • Warrior workout routines

    Workout: Warrior Workout Routine – Training For Fighting

      A lot of you will be looking to get a real hunter-gatherer physique. You’ll also probably want to have the strength, athleticism and power that comes with it. In our opinion, there’s no better way to train for all round speed, power, and strength than training like a warrior! Whether you’re just looking to add on a few pounds of lean muscle, get shredded for summer, or turn yourself into a human weapon, training like a fighter is an effective, fun, sustainable way to achieve your goals. MMA fighters, boxers, and muay thai fighters don’t run the boring, fat accumulating bro-splits that most amateur bodybuilders do today. Instead they…

  • Persistence cardio muscle mass relationship

    Does Long-Distance Running Burn Muscle Mass?

    It’s a safe bet that the guys you know who are into bodybuilding are all terrified of running. We don’t mean jogging, or hill sprints; we men long-distance, endurance running. The guys who are serious about getting swole are usually completely averse to any kind of persistence training. They believe that any form of cardio that lasts longer than 15 minutes will serious eat into their gains. They hear “10km run”, and they picture a Kenyan marathon athlete; super shredded, but extremely thin with very little visible muscle mass. That’s the opposite of what they want, so they better skip the distance running, right? Wrong! The idea that long-distance running…

  • Fasting for fat loss guide

    Fasting For Fat Loss: Fact or Fad?

      The hunter-gatherer lifestyle is definitely “in” right now. There are several extremely popular diets out there at the moment that are all claiming to draw on our ancestral eating habits. The obvious example is the paleo diet. Adherents claim to be eating as their paleolithic ancestors once did (and supposedly as our biology demands). They say that our bodies haven’t changed much in the last 40,000 years, so our diets should not be so radically different. Another example is the carnivore diet. As the name suggests, this diet has people eating nothing but meat – usually red meat in particular. The idea is that our bodies evolved to prefer…