• Hunter gatherer protein shake

    The Hunter Gatherer Post-Workout Shake

    We’re big proponents of real food over supplements. We don’t think that protein shakes are necessary at all; not for 99% of you anyway. They only really become useful for strongmen who struggle to eat enough calories, sports teams on tour, or people who have temporarily restricted access to a kitchen. Apart from these circumstances, you should always be striving to get 100% of your calories from real food.  However, nothing’s perfect. We know that.  Sometimes, life happens.  Your kitchen is getting re-modeled and you can’t cook for a week.  Your workplace doesn’t have a fridge, so it’s either a shake or fast food.  You’re travelling with work or you’re…

  • Super Squats for mass

    Super Squats – Does It Work For Mass?

    Super Squats has made a roaring comeback over the last few years. Workout gimmicks do come and go. When the big fitness magazines don’t have a lot to write about, they tend to dig up either an obscure study or a long-forgotten workout method. Most of them are long-forgotten for a reason; they were built on false assumptions about human physiology, or they just weren’t up to today’s standards. But Super Squats is different. In reality, this terrific workout has never been forgotten. It fell out of popularity among bodybuilders and weightlifters for a couple of decades, but people never stopped doing it. They were applying the principles of Super…

  • Calorie restriction improves longevity
    Diet,  Health

    Caloric Restriction For Longevity

    The mantra today if somebody wants to get healthier is “you need to eat more protein”.  If somebody feels fat, sick and tired, their first response is to start introducing new foods into their diet, but not necessarily at the expense of food they consume now; they just add more kale, turmeric, flax seeds, and so on on top of their existing caloric intake.  Even when most people say they are going to cut body fat, whether it’s for an upcoming fight, a race, or just for summer, they usually obsess over the balance of carbs and protein in their diet.  As far as we can tell, the last thing…

  • Strength

    How Important Is The Bench Press?

    The bench press.  It’s the centerpiece of most people’s workouts. When a 17 year old guy steps into a real gym for the first time, the first thing he’ll look at is the bench press. It may not be the first thing they go to, because they’re initially pretty intimidated by it and they’re unwilling to admit that they can’t lift any real weight yet. But we guarantee that the exercise they’re most interested in is the bench press.  It isn’t just new gym-goers who idolize the bench press of course. Although the squat and deadlift are far more effective measures of overall strength, most guys gauge each other’s abilities…

  • Barbell complex guide

    Do Barbell Complex For Size & Conditioning

    Chances are, you’ve never heard of the barbell complex before now. And that’s OK; they aren’t an indispensable part of weight training, they aren’t widely used, and there’s nothing about them that tells us everybody should be doing them.  But we promise you this; they are devastatingly effective for quickly building raw mass and real strength.  The great thing about barbell complexes is that they are so damn SIMPLE! They can be tailored to suit your goals, time and equipment restrictions – hell, you can even just choose the movements you like best.  The best thing about them though is the results they get. We’ve never seen anyone do a solid 12…

  • Interval training burns fat effectively

    Interval Training For Fat Loss

    Interval training is all the rage right now. It hasn’t quite achieved crossfit levels of fanboy-dom, but it’s close.  It’s definitely trendy to scoff at steady state cardio these days. It’s usually personal trainers or gym newbies who take the strongest opinion about cardio; they laugh at the people running steadily on the treadmill for 30 minutes, call them stupid, and say they’re wasting their time.  For them, it’s all about interval training. To listen to some personal trainers these days, you’d think that step-mills made you fat; it’s interval training that really burns the pounds off.  While the ridicule and dismissal of steady state cardio is – obviously – stupid…

  • Seafood boosts testosterone

    Eat Seafood For A Quick Testosterone Boost

    Eating seafood could be one of the most overlooked and under-appreciated ways of elevating your testosterone levels.  Plenty of men today obsess over testosterone. Now that we understand that testosterone is the key to what makes men, well, men, guys spend a lot of time thinking about how to get more of it. This has of course led to a steep rise in the number of people using anabolic steroids. What effect this will have on the population’s health in the future is not known. But we know that it probably isn’t going to be positive! For the vast majority of people, however, steroids are not an option. Too many health…

  • Do testosterone boosters work?

    Do Testosterone Boosters Really Work?

    Natural testosterone boosters are a hot topic right now in the world of bodybuilding.  They are currently one of the fastest selling supplement categories; manufacturers are struggling to keep up with demand as their natural test boosters fly off the shelves.  However, they are also widely-admonished. Lots of people hate testosterone boosters. They are extremely vocal in their disliking too; it isn’t hard to find articles, YouTube videos, and interview segments where people have called them an outright scam.  This hasn’t been helped by the advent of prohormones. This class of substances has attracted an enormous amount of attention over the past couple of years, most of it negative. Rightly so; prohormones…

  • Supplements

    Rice Protein Powder – Worth A Try?

    Protein, protein, protein.  People never get tired of talking about protein.  If someone has recently just started working out, we guarantee they’re talking non-stop about protein; where they get theirs, where you get yours, how much they’re eating, how it’s the most important ting for health, etc.  The truth is that protein is really not that important, even for building muscle.  The amount of protein used to create a muscle cell is not that much. Only 20% of muscle tissue is composed of muscle proteins by weight; the rest is water, polyphenols, and so on. The entire human musculoskeletal system only contains about 3-10kg of muscle, depending on your height,…

  • Health

    Does Alcohol Raise Estrogen?

    Alcohol isn’t good for you.  We don’t really need to tell you that! But few men really care a great deal about the harmful effects of alcohol. It’s such a big part of western culture that we tend to just ignore the damage done by alcohol. Chances are, you enjoy drinking alcohol, and you do it regularly. You probably have a beer now and then, the odd glass of wine with dinner, and every once in a while you might go out and get drunk. None of this really bothers you because you don’t care what alcohol does to your kidneys. Like most men, you just leave that for future…