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    Can you do farmers walks every day?

    I’ll cut right to the chase and tell you the answer is yes – you can AND SHOULD do farmers walks every day. The farmers walk is one of the best exercises you can do on a daily basis. People who do farmers walks regularly always seem to have huge traps, forearms, and calves – coincidence? Not likely! In fact, when I’ve ever been trying to help someone pack on overall mass and strength, farmers walks is something I include in their routine every single time with great results. But what makes farmers walks so good? What muscles get worked? Does doing farmers walks every day mean you’re “over-training” those…

  • Gut health and performance
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    Your Gut & You – How the gut micrbiome controls your body and mind

    Have you ever stopped and thought about your gut microbiome? If not, then you’re just like the vast majority of people. Typically, people don’t give a second of thought to their gut health until they experience serious digestive problems. But your gut isn’t something that you should only think about when it starts letting you down. Your gut actually influences your body in lots of different ways. This influence isn’t trivial either; your digestive system has a massive effect on your mental and physical performance, as well as your overall health and well-being. Not convinced? Let’s take a look at some of the ways that your gut affects your body…

  • Do nootropics really work

    Can nootropics really improve cognitive function?

    Can natural nootropics really help? Over the last few months, nootropic supplements have gone from a niche, almost underground concern to a global market worth several billion dollars per year. People all over the world are now using brain supplements to gain a critical, competitive edge, be it on the playing field, in the classroom, or at the office. The nootropics market seems to now be changing at an ever-faster rate. A few years ago, most of the brain supplements you’d find on the internet were complete scams. Over 90% of them were just sugar pills with some weird herbal extracts thrown in. The other 10% were usually a dangerous…

  • Reishi mushroom for cognition

    Eating Reishi Mushrooms May Promote Good Cognitive Function

    Mushrooms are definitely the “in” supplement right now. These things always come in waves; it happened with protein, it happened with creatine, and now it seems that mushrooms are firmly in the spotlight. There are dozens, if not hundreds of different mushroom supplements on sale today; just a few years ago, there were none. Manufacturers claim that different mushrooms can do different things, but they all seem to cluster around a central set of benefits – improved immune system function, better CNS recovery, and enhanced mental performance. But at face value, these claims seem a little unbelievable. After all, we eat mushrooms all the time – on pizzas, with pasta,…

  • TestoFuel review

    An Honest Review Of TestoFuel – Does It Work?

    We’ve been seeing advertisements for TestoFuel everywhere lately. It seems that every time we go online to read about bodybuilding, strongman, or pretty much anything strength/sports related, we see prompts for an in-depth TestoFuel review. So, after seeing people writing about this testosterone booster for the hundredth time, we decided to check it out for ourselves and to write our own TestoFuel review – done our way! After all, we know that you can’t exactly trust the supplement reviews you read online. We’ve already written extensively about the many ways supplement manufacturers try to mislead you. Who’s to say that all of the glowing TestoFuel reviews out there aren’t just…

  • Is pea protein any good?
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    How Good Is Pea Protein? – An Honest Analysis

    Whey protein has been around for some time. Decades in fact. As has casein (typically peddled as a “slow release” protein alternative to “fast-acting” whey).  Over the last couple of years, people have begun to realize that whey isn’t the uniquely beneficial protein source that supplement manufacturers have made it out to be. A by-product of cheese manufacturing, whey is indeed a very protein dense ‘food’ – if we can call it a food – but the concentration of protein in a substance is not the only thing to consider.  Amino acid profile, digestibility, overall composition, its effects on digestion and health, not to mention its effect on the environment…

  • Hunter gatherer protein shake

    The Hunter Gatherer Post-Workout Shake

    We’re big proponents of real food over supplements. We don’t think that protein shakes are necessary at all; not for 99% of you anyway. They aren’t great for gut health. They only really become useful for strongmen who struggle to eat enough calories, sports teams on tour, or people who have temporarily restricted access to a kitchen. Apart from these circumstances, you should always be striving to get 100% of your calories from real food.  However, nothing’s perfect. We know that.  Sometimes, life happens.  Your kitchen is getting re-modeled and you can’t cook for a week.  Your workplace doesn’t have a fridge, so it’s either a shake or fast food. …

  • Super Squats for mass

    Super Squats – Does It Work For Mass?

    Super Squats has made a roaring comeback over the last few years. Workout gimmicks do come and go. When the big fitness magazines don’t have a lot to write about, they tend to dig up either an obscure study or a long-forgotten workout method. Most of them are long-forgotten for a reason; they were built on false assumptions about human physiology, or they just weren’t up to today’s standards. But Super Squats is different. In reality, this terrific workout has never been forgotten. It fell out of popularity among bodybuilders and weightlifters for a couple of decades, but people never stopped doing it. They were applying the principles of Super…

  • Calorie restriction improves longevity
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    Caloric Restriction For Longevity

    The mantra today if somebody wants to get healthier is “you need to eat more protein”.  If somebody feels fat, sick and tired, their first response is to start introducing new foods into their diet, but not necessarily at the expense of food they consume now; they just add more kale, turmeric, flax seeds, and so on on top of their existing caloric intake.  Even when most people say they are going to cut body fat, whether it’s for an upcoming fight, a race, or just for summer, they usually obsess over the balance of carbs and protein in their diet.  As far as we can tell, the last thing…

  • Strength

    How Important Is The Bench Press?

    The bench press.  It’s the centerpiece of most people’s workouts. When a 17 year old guy steps into a real gym for the first time, the first thing he’ll look at is the bench press. It may not be the first thing they go to, because they’re initially pretty intimidated by it and they’re unwilling to admit that they can’t lift any real weight yet. But we guarantee that the exercise they’re most interested in is the bench press.  It isn’t just new gym-goers who idolize the bench press of course. Although the squat and deadlift are far more effective measures of overall strength, most guys gauge each other’s abilities…