Sandra York

"Exposed Bar Joist" (2013) by Sandra York.

“Exposed Bar Joist” (2013) by Sandra York.

Sandra York layers, masks, and reduces fields of color, exposing abstract forms and whimsical objects that tell us the stories both within and behind the paintings. Interested in contradicting the myths told about women in a man’s world, her intimate works remind us that, as in any woman’s life, some spaces are concealed, some are revealed, and some are locked.

“I have always admired the abstract painters.  They perform without a net.  No distinct subject matter, politics and narrative to stand beneath and applaud their cause.  These artists walk the wire alone and leave us with the evidence of a journey taken for it’s own sake…Technically York begins her paintings with thin and brightly colored areas that are almost completely masked away with subsequent veils of translucent lighter color field work.  Intentional or not I cannot say but for me the work directly relates as a next generation of what has been termed as the American Lyrical Field movement.”

"Mid-Century Still Life" (2009) by Sandra York.

“Mid-Century Still Life” (2009) by Sandra York.

Dan Allison, Nau-haus Art Gallert, 2011


These paintings are quiet meditations on the tug between resistance and gentle acceptance of unexpected change.  A mid-century chair skips across the surface as a reminder of an era lived and gone.  Fruit sustains us in the present while hovering figures of women and animals evoke those who have drafted our lives and who will shape our futures.  Whimsical lines and unrecognizable objects are the surprises.  They remind us that it takes trust to face the unknown – life’s mysteries.  Enjoy.