Objectively Speaking opens at Hunter Gather

Objectively Speaking

July 21st – August 20th, 2016

Artist Reception Thursday, July 21st 6-8:30pm

Artist Talk from 6:30pm-7pm
Music by the TMW sound, Wine & Light Fare
Featured Artists: Rebecca Braziel, Samara Rosen, Rix Jennings,
Fari Rahimi, Delaney Smith, and Shelley Scott.
Annex Space: Concurrently, Don Glentzer’s series Notations will be
on view in the Annex Space adjacent to the gallery.

Objectively Speaking presents a selection of works by six distinct artists that explore three-dimensional form and the inherent qualities of material—from organic to man-made, found to fabricated— to create objects and installations. What is an object? What stories do objects carry with them? How do material and form convey a message? Through tree bark, wood, steel, glass, clay, paper, pipes, and concrete,this exhibition explores the role of the object in contemporary art making.

Rebecca Braziel and Samara Rosen document the traces objects leave behind. Interested in how we measure life through the passage of time, Rosen’s work is a continuous process of accumulation and dissipation. For Objectively Speaking, Rosen has created a site-specific floor installation made by gathering natural objects from a fixed location within her Houston neighborhood and assembling the pieces into a visual time catalogue. Braziel utilizes bark collected from areas devastated by wildfires as her source material. Mirroring how natural life endures after a disaster, Braziel’s installations both preserve the found material and transform its surface — marking a moment of regeneration.

Multi-media artist Rix Jennings constructs objects out of wood, concrete, and everyday ephemera; Jennings’s works act as physical artifacts of his unconscious, reflecting the binary between the ordinary and the mysterious or illogical.

Fari Rahimi’s interest in steel and glass stems from the material’s properties: strength and vulnerability.  Rahimi’s installation, Subtext, is comprised of rigid geometric steel structures of varying heights and lengths; slim glass windows interrupt the stark surfaces — allowing the viewer glimpses of the spaces within and inviting us to consider hidden narratives.

Investigating art methodologies, Shelley Scott dissects her own artistic practice as a source for inspiration and creation. Scott’s “Feedback Loop” series focuses on the tools used in her studio and includes life-like clay hammers, glue bottles, clamps, and scissors — the result is objects about objects. Lastly, Delaney Smith’s new body of work uses handmade paper, fabric scraps, steel supports, and deteriorating curtains to explore the  methods by which we hold, tie, and secure objects against the unstoppable pull of gravity. Smith’s installations act as metaphors for the ways we carry theories, goals, preconceptions, expectations, and even ourselves, throughout our lives.

Concurrently, a series of works on paper by Houston artist Don Glentzer will be featured in the gallery’s adjacent Annex Space. Glentzer’s rhythmic compositions reference the “Benesh” notation system used by choreographers to document movement. Through a combination of collage and mark making, Glentzer creates a meditative dance of line and form.

Join us for the opening reception of Objectively Speaking Thursday, July 21st at 6pm!