The Habit of Being featuring Mari Omori

The Habit of Being

January 21st – March 5th, 2016

Artist Reception Thursday, January 21st, 6-8:30pm

Artist Talk from 6-6:30pm
Wine, Light Fare & Music by the TMW Sound

Hunter Gather is pleased to announce the opening of The Habit of Being on Thursday, January 21st, 2016. The exhibition features a collection of paintings, installations, and objects made by multi-media artist Mari Omori. Omori’s extensive oeuvre spans a variety of media, from the traditional to the unexpected, and pays tribute to the humble actions of everyday life.

In 2013, Omori participated in an artist residency in Oaxaca, Mexico, which resulted in her most recent series of paintings on paper, Oaxaca Air. For this series, Omori uses bright red cochineal ink —a popular Mexican dye made from small insects— to document the experience of sitting down to a meal. Abstract circular patterns and true-to-life depictions of silverware give ceremony to what could be considered mundane routine: the hours of gathering and preparing ingredients, the act of setting a table, and, finally, participating in that meal. For Oaxaca Zen #1, Omori carves a series of abstract architectural objects from white soap bars. Gathered on a white surface, the smooth, almost dream-like structures are both foreign and familiar — relics of somewhere we’ve already been, but can’t quite remember.

The repetitious nature of daily life is mirrored in Omori’s iterative drawing series Stone Diaries, a daily journal in which she carefully examines the many surfaces and textures of rocks that she has collected from her travels and her garden at home, or received as gifts from friends. The drawings celebrate both the natural beauty of each stone and the many places and relationships they represent.

In the end, it is Omori’s attention to the essence of the materials that gives voice to each object’s unique character and allows her to reflect on ideas relating to self, home, and existence.

Join us for the opening reception of The Habit of Being on Thursday, January 21st!