March 26th – May 9th, 2015
Opening reception on Thursday, March 26th from 6-8pm

Our upcoming group exhibition Progressions presents recent works by artists Arielle Masson, Cat Snapp, and Samara Rosen.

Progressions investigates the patterns—woven, entangled, and cyclical—that mark our lives and how these complex structures reflect time, emotion, stasis, or change.

Houston-based Belgian artist Arielle Masson’s work looks at the world through geometrical diagrams that perpetuate exponentially, demonstrating an endless potential for growth. Using hand-ground pigments she has collected from around the world, Masson creates a series of patterns stemming from the intersection of two identical circles, a form historically known as the Vesica Piscis. This lattice-based network acts as a cultural palimpsest reflecting on the universality of geometric form and the human impulse to utilize this language to communicate.

Seattle-based printmaker and book artist Cat Snapp is interested in how thought and emotion are interpreted as form and line. The compulsive repetition of shapes and the subtle transitions between mark making and surface textures in Snapp’s work invite meditation on human relationships and the world we inhabit.

Recent Cranbrook MFA graduate Samara Rosen’s large-scale installations weave found objects into intricate compositions that act as time capsules, preserving each object’s history of loss, growth, and decay. Interested in how we measure life through the passage of time, Rosen’s work is a continuous process of accumulation and dissipation— sewing, cutting, knotting, and binding—that mirrors the entangled nature of existence.

Join us for the opening reception for Progressions on Thursday, March 26th from 6-8pm!