Raw Material

Raw Material

November 13th – January 10th
Opening Reception Thursday, November 13th 6-8pm

Our upcoming group exhibition Raw Material features works by Mari Omori, Kia Neill, and Cassie Normandy White.  The exhibition will open Thursday, November 13th and will run through Saturday, January 10th.

Contemporary artist Mari Omori creates arresting wall installations and sculptural objects using tea bags as her primary media. Serving and receiving tea is a centuries-old cultural tradition that plays an active role in daily Japanese life; in her work, Omori explores the wealth of meaning carried by this simple object, delving into notions of identity, relationships, the passage of time, and memory.

Inspired by  the natural world and how it is represented in artificial settings, multi-media artist Kia Niell creates fantastical simulations of nature with watercolor and clay.  She posits mythical taxonomies and fictional organisms that resemble scientific studies, inviting the viewer to step into the gray area between reality and make-believe while questioning the way in which contemporary culture interacts with nature.

Cassie Normandy White’s current series of prints stem from a playful obsession with form and color and a fascination with the controlled accidents that are inherent to the medium. Capitalizing on these elements of chance, White generates a series of biomorphic shapes that merge, traverse planes, and develop into more complex forms — perhaps mirroring the stages of genetic evolution.

Join us for the opening reception of Raw Material on Thursday, November 13th from 6-8pm!

Photo: Detail of Stolen Tricks by Cassie Normandy White.