Welcome To Hunter Gather Project!

We started this website with the sole purpose of helping you live a healthier, happier, more functional life. We want to help you get fit and healthy while also becoming more in tune with your body and nature.

The idea for Hunter Gather Project was born when a group of friends all became disillusioned with the current state of the fitness industry. There’s a lot of advice out there, and the vast majority of it is completely useless. A lot of it is downright harmful.

It’s actually rare to find health and fitness advice today that is genuinely intended to help. More often than not, blogs twist scientific studies to fit their narrative – a narrative designed to make them money.

They rely on you coming back again and again – to drive their ad revenue, to build their mailing list, and to sell their eBooks. So they can’t risk you learning the truth: getting fit and healthy is simple.

It isn’t about gimmicky workouts.

It’s not about taking the right supplements.

You don’t need to eat a ridiculously restricted diet to get lean and live longer.

All you need to do is learn how your body works, listen to it when it tells you what it wants, and try to work in harmony with your biology. When you apply these principles, staying fit, healthy and happy becomes easy.

We’re going to try to give you all the help we can as you become the best version of you that you can possibly be.


What We Do


Becoming fit, strong and living longer is extremely simple, but it is by no means easy. It’s actually very difficult to do; it requires a lot of hard work, discipline, and patience.

While it is a simple process, there’s a lot of variables at play that you need to properly understand.

That’s why our site is divided up into some basic categories. This should help you navigate the site, letting you quickly find the information you need. Here are our main categories:



We all want to be stronger. Not only does greater strength mean a more muscular, aesthetically-pleasing physique; it means better athletic performance, a more efficient metabolism, and a longer, more healthful life. 



We think the advice given to people just starting out in the gym today is awful. It’s driven more by the interests of the supplement industry than a genuine care for your results. We want to do our bit to overcome this by providing you with honest, impartial advice on getting stronger, more powerful, and more muscular. 



Just like getting strong, getting fit has become an incredibly complicated endeavour. To read the major fitness blogs, you’d think that being a physically capable human being was some kind of special achievement, open only to the hyper-disciplined and genetically gifted. 

We think the opposite is true; being physically fit is the default position of the human body. You just need to give the body the kind of stimulus it is designed to receive, and it will become the well-oiled machine it desperately wants to be.



Our goal on Hunter Gather Project is to give you the advice that you really need to become a fitter, more well-rounded athlete. No gimmicks, no fads, no sales pitches. Just honest guidance based on our research and extensive experience. 



We live in a sick society. Conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and morbid obesity are accepted as a normal part of life. Most people lose any kind of functionality long before they die; they spend their last two decades in a state of serious decay. 

We don’t think this is really as inevitable as dying. We believe that it is perfectly possible to remain in exceptional health for the vast majority of your life. You just need to stop allowing the fads, the food industry, and the supplement companies to tell you what to do. Get a thorough understanding of human biology – one not heavily influenced by celebrity cookbooks – and getting healthy becomes a very simple matter. 



On this site you’ll find the most up to date advice on staying healthy and living as long as possible. We discuss the latest news and developments from research science, as well as the many diets currently touted as miracle health cures. 



All of the above issues are confounded by the poor dietary advice which abounds online. Misinformation is rife on the internet, and it’s easy to see how it spreads; people love it when they think they have new information that others don’t. 

Everyone’s an expert – your obese neighbor reads a few blog posts and all of a sudden he knows more about cardiovascular disease than the American college of surgeons. Your colleague watches a documentary and she thinks she’s found the cure for cancer. 



The truth is, diet is really easy to get right. You just have to learn how the human body works, which foods tend to elongate our life span, and then eat accordingly. It doesn’t require you to cut out entire food groups. It just requires you to avoid the obvious: refined sugars, cholesterol, alcohol, etc. 



Generally speaking, we think supplements are unnecessary. There’s nothing you get from a protein powder or a pre-workout that you can’t get from food. However, we’re also realists; we know you all have jobs, and families, and commitments. It isn’t always realistic to expect you to eat plenty of complex carbs and protein 90 minutes before you hit the gym. You might not live in a sunny place for long stretches of time, and fresh fruit might be very expensive. In those cases, there’s nothing wrong with utilizing supplements. 

Then there are the specialist supplements that you can’t just replicate with your diet. Supplements like nootropics, sleep aids, and mood enhancers all utilize exotic herbal extracts and amino acid blends to improve your performance. Bio-hacking is a very complicated endeavor, and it takes a lot more than simple lifestyle changes to really move the needle on cognitive performance, sleeping patterns, mood, and so on. You can learn a lot about bio-hacking from these supplement FAQs.

We’ll review supplements according to our principles of natural, healthy fitness. Hopefully, we can help you find the supplements that work well for you – at a reasonable price – and avoid the over-priced garbage that will only hold you back. 


Our Approach

Our approach is always the same, no matter what we’re writing about: science wins out every time. We’re serious believers in the scientific method. If we come across a claim regarding health and fitness, then it better be backed up by empirical trials. If someone tells us that our ancestors lived in a particular away, they better explain how they came to that conclusion.

We will never spread hype or misinformation.

You might not agree with everything we say, but we’ll try to never make a serious claim without citing relevant scientific or historical data. There are enough websites out there making unsubstantiated health claims, the last thing the world needs is another one!


Who Are We?

A few different people contribute to this site. While they all have different backgrounds, they all share a passion for genuine fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Each contributor to Hunter Gather Project has a good grasp of scientific reasoning, so there’s little chance that they’ll be swayed by industry-driven hype.

Everybody aims to get faster, stronger, and live longer.

You can learn more about how we are and what we’re about from these pages:


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